My name is Karl Widmer and I work as an ICT system specialist at a well-known industrial company in the region, with many branch locations spread all over the world. I’m working in the server and virtualization team and i’m responsible for our whole vSphere, HCI and cloud infrastructure. We’re deploying VMs, taking care about our ressources and reaching out to the cloud with various migration projects.

Work / education

After a longer stay in the military and a few years in the software sector as an internal technician and system administrator, it has brought me back into the world of hardware and networks. I love it when I can build, test and install new server systems. The biggest thing, however, is when I see a satisfied customer who can work better and more efficiently with the new infrastructure. This was when i worked at a system integrator with many partner relationships with various vendors. But I wanted to further specialize in certain areas, so i had to make a decision, if i try to hire at a vendor or a customer. It became a customer.

Sure, I have made my hobby a profession. Or is it the other way round? Actually no matter, for me it fits the way it is. I also work at home on the computer. Also, I always try out new hardware, test it, see what is possible. When it rains outside, I like to delve into technical topics, search for solutions for customer problems, or just try out something and learn about technology.

I live in the beautiful Rhine valley in the canton of St.Gallen (Switzerland). With its temperate climate (cold in winter and warm in summer, usually at least), it is good to live here. I like the more rural character in our region. The big city hectic and concrete ravines are not my thing. But i’m fine with that. And i really like the mountains in our region, great place to hike or ski.


I love photography. I’m not a master in it, there are always blurry shots. Nevertheless, I love to hold on to this one moment with a pressure on the trigger, whether animals or nature recordings, objects or humans. Here, too, the technical aspect appeals. I do not just take a photo. It will quickly become several hundred if I have an idea in mind. I try, experiment with the light, play with it. As a compensation to the job, I often go jogging to get the mind free. Among my favorite books are the science fiction thriller of Dale Brown and various history books from WW2 veterans or other military personal, mainly US. And for sure, there are some brilliant technical books from Microsoft and VMware which i like.

Certifications / Awards

As part of my business, I received the following certifications and awards, but there will be more hopefully soon:

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


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