VeeamON 2017 – General Session Wednesday – a review


Thanks to the live stream there wasn’t an NDA on the announcements today made at the General Session. People announced stuff and did live demos of new features awaiting us in the next version of Veeam, the Veeam Availability Suite v10. Let’s now dive into it.

Kicking off the General Session

Peter McKay, COO and President, was on the stage. He’s greeted all attending people, even those who were streaming the general session event to their computers at home or at the office.

Peter McKay introduced himself and showed us about his career. He showed us the example of his children, they’re living a real digital life already. And we all are doing so. It’s all about digital transformation. It’s our digital future.

the past and the future

Whatever we need, where we need it, when we need it. Users confidence comes only with business availability and continuity. It has to be instant, embedded, personalized, everywhere. Poor experience is like no experience.

Data in this century is what oil was in the last century. Data is getting mission critical. The need of being available, all apps and data instantly available, is business critical today, and a key for companies in the future.

Veeam showed us a video of the Denver Broncos football team and how they did IT in their company. Veeam got their back, the Denver Broncos data is available 24.7.365. Some other customers like Volvo were also highlighted.

Upcoming announcements for the next two days:

  • Veeam version 10 and new features
  • Cloud plans and partnerships with Microsoft and AWS
  • Ecosystem which means strategic partnerships

Ratmir Timashev, Co-Founder of Veeam, was introduced by Peter McKay. He was pleased and happy that the last few years were so successful. And he loves the new Veeam logo and colors.

Ratmir explained how the developed the name „Veeam“. Veeam just means VM (virtual machine), so Vee Am. A blogger stated that it could also be the time when they designed the logo, at 5:33am in the morning (v = 5, 33, am).

Now the Veeam Evangelist team came on stage. Clint Wyckoff, Michael White, Rick Vanouver and Michael Cade.

Live Demo by Clint Wyckoff

Clint Wykoff showed us some real live demo about native agent management for Veeam Agent for Windows and Linux. You can set a master account for the installation of the agent, or set any individual credential if needed. By selecting organizational units you can repeatedly scan those sections to add new computers automatically to your protection group. You install a real lightwheigt agent on the endpoint. There is only a small gui and all the configuration is stored in the Veeam Backup & Replication configuration database.

As a side note, Veeam version 10 is fully supporting Windows Failover Clusters.

Live Demo by Rick Vanouver

Rick showed us the Starwind VTL on cloud. Customers can keep their retention of „tape“ but it’s all virtual, based on disk and in the cloud.

He went also through the new Veeam Availability for AWS. More and more customers move to the cloud, or using it at least for some workloads.

Live Demo by Michael White

Michael showed us the new Veeam CDP (Continous Data Protection) feature. You create a CDP policy very easy, because the handling is like creating a normal backup job.

You can have RPO’s like 15 seconds! That’s close to live streaming the data from your critical virtual machines to your backup storage. Snapshots aren’t used in this policy. This is realized through leveraging the vSphere APIs for I/O Filtering (VAIO).

Michael shared also some infos about the new Veeam content pack for VMware vRealize Log Insight. Customers already using vRealize Log Insight to monitor their infrastructure are now also able to integrate Veeam into it and monitor it within Log Insight.

Live Demo by Michael Cade

Michael showed us some of the updated storage integration in Veeam v10. He went also through the SureBackup with the integration of those storage vendors. New integrations of IBM, Lenovo and Infinidat are coming with Veeam v10.


Sanjay Poonen, VMware COO, was introduced on the stage. Veeam and VMware have strong partnerships, and they are also presenting things and topics here at VeeamON. He was talking about the VMware Cloud Foundation and other cloud related topics. It’s all about cloud, even public, private or on-premises clouds.


Frank Palumbo, Senior Vice President, Global Data Center/Virtualization Sales, was introduced on stage. He was talking about the digital transformation. The network touches everything in this transformation. 500 Billion of devices will be connected in the next few months. That will be challenge to companies, keeping data available everytime, everywhere and secured.

VeeamON live stream available!

If you’d like to watch the live stream, even if you’re at work, at home, or have another reason to miss this premier availability event, go to the Veeam website:

VeeamON General Session will be live streamed on Wednesday, May 17th and Thursday, May 18th from 9AM – 11AM CST.

VeeamON 2017 – VMCE-A Training on Monday and Tuesday


The VeeamON week started early for me. When i did all the booking for VeeamON, i signed up for the VMCE-A course. This is the course required for the VMCE Advanced certification. If you’re already VMCE (Veeam Certified Engineer) you can go a little further, do the course, learn a little more and then get certified again. Engineers who complete both VMCE and VMCE-Advanced: Design & Optimization programs (courses + exams) will be granted with the „Veeam Certified Architect“ (VMCA) title by Veeam.

Monday, 15th of May – First day of VMCE-A training

I got up early, heading for a breakfast and then walking to another hotel just around the corner, where all the courses were located. I registered there for VeeamON to receive my event badge, and then i registered for the classroom.

We were about 20 people in the class. Some very experienced people, from all kinds of IT, like storage professionals, server specialists and so on. Our teacher did very good. He knows the stuff, and he is anything but boring. We had some good laugh and very good discussions. People are sharing examples of their experiences, from the real world and real customers. During the morning we went through some theoretical things, numbers and calculations. And these numbers are another sign that SMB (Small and Medium-sized businesses) are in different size in different countries…

During the afternoon we had a case study. Some fictional company (no, not Contoso…) had its infrastructure and some requirements regarding RPO / RTO, backup, failover and all those things. Our task was to analyze the infrastructure, plan some optimizations and create a concept of how we could fulfill the customers requirements. That task was a group work.

Tuesday, 16th of May – Second day of VMCE-A training

Today i was up on time and heading directly to the class rooms. It’s great to have a Starbucks coffee right in the reception area of the hotel where the trainings and class rooms are located. I grabed a iced cold brew, something with coconut in it. Waiting there for my coffee a guy showed up and greeted me, and made compliments about my blog. The coffee tasted great and meeting this guy was a great start in the day 🙂

The morning began also with some theoretical things, numbers and a little math. We talked a lot about personal experiences and shared real life stories. Shortly before lunch we received the task to build groups again and check our design from Monday. The fictional company for which we planned our design on Monday was now operating for a year. We had again to analyze the actual situation and create a new concept how to backup, replicate and keep the data available.

For me those two days were really interesting and educational. I did not many design-things in my actual IT career. We had a great class, good discussions and a great teacher. Many thanks to Bart Pellegrino, you did a great job!

Follow up:

VeeamON 2017 – Travel and first days in New Orleans

VeeamON 2017 – Travel and first days in New Orleans


I knew that this trip would not be easy. It’s a long distance from Switzerland to New Orleans, and there were no direct flights. So i’ll have to change the plane at least once. But let’s start at the beginning of my journey to VeeamON 2017.

Saturday, 13th of May – Flight to New Orleans

Last Saturday the 13th of May it all started. I woke up early in the morning to get the rest of my stuff packed, and checked if there is anything missing. Fortunately there wasn’t. I got my clothes, my laptop, all the necessary cables and chargers and travel documents. I’m good to go. I went to the train station to catch the train to Zurich Airport. The nice thing is that directly under the airport there is a train station. So i went from the train directly to the baggage check-in and then straight through security to the gate.

The flight from Zurich to London, where my connection flight was scheduled, was not so nice. The flight itself was smooth and without turbulences. But there was a small child, crying the whole flight. I was hoping that this won’t happen on the plane to New Orleans…

In London i met a bunch of cool people. Some guys from the UK, all Veeam addicted assembled there, and we all together took the „Veeam Plane“ to NOLA. We were about ten or so people, Scottish, Englisch, Spanisch and Swiss. We had good fun on the plane to New Orleans. I thought I could get some sleep on the plane, but there wasn’t any chance. It’s not easy to catch some sleep if you’re not tired and when it’s noisy. I ready some pages and watched three movies. Finally, with the last movie, i found also my headphones.

At around 7pm in the evening we landed a little before schedule on Louis Armstrong International outside of New Orleans. After border control and baggage claim we were picked up by bus drivers and were driven to the hotel. At the hotel we checked in and met a little later at the reception to go out and find some good food. We were all hungry after such a flight. And thirsty too…

We enjoyed a nice evening on Saturday, but good chats, good burgers and beer. Some went back to the hotel, some others went out for other bars. At this time i was tired. After roughly 24 hours being awake i needed some sleep really bad.

Sunday, 14th of May – Just a day off

I woke up earlier than expected on Sunday. I thought i would be dead tired and sleep until lunch. But i was fine and felt good rested. We met at the hotel reception and went out to get a good breakfast. There was a restaurant some minutes from the hotel. They served real good stuff. From traditional pancakes, to waffles and toast, omelets, there was anything available. You could also order a T-Bone steak if you’d like to.

After that great meal we had enough energy for the rest of the day. We were heading for the National World War II Museum, just some minutes in walking distance. If you’re in New Orleans, then this is definitely a place to go. It’s huge and very interesting. And it’s a national museum, the real thing, not some small backyard playground.

Wondering what will happen on Monday and Tuesday? Stay tuned 😉