My Homelab

On this page i’ll introduce you to my homelab. It all started a few years ago with VMware Workstation 12. I made the first experiments on how to run a nested ESXi server. It went pretty well despite the fact of lacking hardware. It wasn’t a real homelab, it was more kind of a proof of concept. When I replaced my old game computer, i had some good performing hardware to install ESXi directly and run some nested ESXi on top of it. I added some SSD’s and a SAS controller to have a reasonably well performing storage pool. You can read more about my first steps in my homelab here. I also posted my first physical homelab server (my old gaming rig / whitebox ESXi) on the OpenHomelab project.

Over the time i looked for additional homelab parts. Like another server, some storage and networking. It ended in adding an old HP ProLiant DL380 G7 server, an HP P2000 SAS storage with some nearline SAS disks and an HP Aruba switch. So i had now two hosts to play around with. But that wasn’t enough. My goal was to run a VMware vSAN cluster natively on some hosts, you know, the real thing. Without big constraints, except probably storage. I reused my SSD’s of my first hardware-host and i added some more.

I’m pleased to give you an overview about the current situation.

my homelab

My homelab history / changelog

February 2018 Complete rebuild (current situation)
December 2016 Added iSCSI / NFS storage (link)
July 2016 Switched to old gaming rig (link)
June 2016 First steps / VMware Workstation 12 (link)