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Some of you, my fellow readers, have probably noticed some downtime on my website yesterday. I migrated my blog to another hosting provider. That’s the only reason. You’re asking why? Well, I like a certain level of consistency in some areas of my interests. But in technology, especially in IT, the only consistency is constant change. So i decided to move my website (again).

How it all started…

It all began on Twitter when I joined a discussion about where to place the search bar or search field on a website:

That led us to the conclusion that a website should have no clutter and no word / tag clouds. I agree with that, since it’s not up to date anymore. But hey, that’s just my personal opinion.

And the discussion finally ended at the performance of a website.

I did some testings on my “old” website / provider and i wasn’t very sad about the results, but also not very happy. There is always room for improvements. So i did some research on the topic of using WordPress as content management system but providing static websites. Delivering static content like HTML files and images is way faster then delivering dynamic content. Even if you’re working with caching plugins and all that stuff. At least some of the content is still dynamic, thus generated when you’re accessing the website. Please don’t blame me if i’m not 100% correct, i’m not a professional web developer, but at least i know some basics here.

When you look at these tweets, you will find at least two solution which generate static content out of dynamic content, gohugo.io and jekyll. I think both solutions are great, if you know basic stuff about frameworks, programming languages and some more stuff. I tried it, i really tried it. But i failed. In my eyes both solutions are complex to setup and maintain. As i said, i’m not a pro web dev. And if you’re used to certain content management systems like WordPress, then it’s hard to switch.

I moved on with my research. As my employer is using various cloud solutions, like Amazon, i thought why not going (back) to Amazon?

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Blog infos – More hosting performance for the new year

In the history books of my website there are many written pages. Since the beginning of “blogging” (well, more technology testing and tasting at the past) my website moved around the globe. I started with a small hosting at Amazon AWS, with an EC2 compute instance, some storage and Cloudfrount CDN. That worked very well for me, but only for about a year or two. I then moved to another provider, one that is specialized in WordPress hosting. That pleased me very much because i like WordPress as a blogging software since i started with my website.

The guys at this new hoster moved all my content from Amazon to their hosting. And because they are Cloudflare partner, i came the first time in touch with greater scale website security, performance and content distribution networks, and that free of charge. Also this hosting went very well, but also just for about two years. It didn’t help the performance when the hoster is located in Canada and myself, and also most of my visitors, are located in Europe.

So there was another change in planning phase. I wanted to bring my content closer to my location and my readers. I decided to move my website back to a Swiss hoster. All the security and performance things i learned with Cloudflare i took with me, and my website was still under protection even at this new hoster. That worked well for me. But there were unfortunately some outtages i cannot explain. Sometimes my website was offline just some minutes, sometimes longer. I can’t explain why, we didn’t find out.

So again, i planned another move of my website, and again to a hoster which is specialized on WordPress hosting. I moved my website to Siteground.com. The guys there also moved all of my content to their servers, and helped my a lot with setting things up properly. And there were a lot of things i wanted, like SSL, redirects and many other things. We had a lot of support chat sessions, did a lot of testing and checks until my website was up and running. But the effort was worth it. My site now runs fine and stable. And if there is any issue, i just open a support ticket, and few minutes later my problem is even solved or they ask for more information via live chat.

Now my website runs at Siteground.com with a GoGeek plan which is crafted for WordPress geeks like me 😉

If you’d like to start also a new website hosting, or if you’re thinking about to move your existing website to another hoster, why not have a look here?

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