Veeam Vanguard Summit 2019 Prague – Day 3 Recap

CDP – Continous Data Protection

Anthony Spiteri kicks off the third and last day of the Vanguard Summit in Prague with CDP. It’s all about the filter driver. There are many competitors out which put their CDP solution out, but some of them still have issues sometimes, like pink screens of death when on the ESXi hosts. Veeam worked closely with VMware to get the stuff done right. Because when you’re going into the I/O stack with a data protection solution, you have to be sure what you’re doing.

CDP is a VMware-only available solution, there is no CDP for Hyper-V, at least not currently. That might change, but not soon. In Veeam you can leverage the usage of VMware tags for your data protection. You create backup jobs that will use these tags, and depending on these tags you’re able to protect your workloads with the needed RPO / RTO.

When you set up DCP in Veeam, Veeam will install the filter driver on a cluster base. You can’t install it on the host manually, Veeam does that for you but on a cluster base. With Veeam CDP there is an RPO as low as 15 seconds possible. For a restore, you can go back to either a restore point or go back with a slider to a specific point in time.

Write for us

Ilya Afanasyev is telling us more about the Veeam engagement in regards to a program for writers. It is called “Write for us” and it is not restricted to Vanguards only but all other tech people can take part in it. You chose a topic and apply for the program. Veeam will approve the topic (or maybe not) and then it’s your turn to create a draft. If the draft gets approved, your blog post gets published on the Veeam blog and you’ll get a revenue. A blog post brings you 200$ and a white paper is worth about 1000$.

If you’re interested to write some cool blog posts or even a white paper, then visit the “Write for us” program on the Veeam website for more information.

V10 – Data Integration API

Michael Cade is now on the stage for the last technical session of that day and the Summit at all. He provides us with more insights about the Data Integration API. With VBR 9.5 Update 4, Veeam can do a secure restore. That means that you can mount the restore point to do a restore, and during that restore process, your Antivirus goes into the stream and scans for possible threats. That’s a great feature in case you’ve got an infection with a virus or ransomware, which might already be in your backed-up files. During the restore, the scan can remove that threat and you’ve got a clean VM after the restore.

In version 10 you will be able to do instant disk recovery. You can either replace the target disk (in case the operating disk won’t boot anymore for example) or you can attach the disk as an additional disk to the virtual machine, in case you need some of the data. The same is for physical workloads which are backed up by a Veeam Agent. You can add a disk of such a workload to a virtual machine to restore data.

Currently, in V10 GUI it’s only possible to do this procedure for one VM. The restore point will be mounted with VeeamFLR to the mount server. You can leverage PowerShell to do this with multiple VMs in parallel, so all the restore points of these workloads will be mounted to the mount server through VeeamFLR.

That’s not only for restore procedures, but you can also scan your files like for big data analysis, data classification, etc. Your backups won’t be touched because that would be bad obviously. But you still can get more insights about your data.

Open Feedback

The real last session is an open feedback round. Unfortunately, I can’t remember which question or answer was green or red. Just to make it fail-safe I’m not gonna provide any detailed information here. Sorry. But we were asked to provide feedback to the event and some things going on at Veeam, Veeam products, community stuff, etc. And we know that our feedback is appreciated and will be heard.

Thank you!

We all Vanguards said it often today. And I can only repeat it once more. A huge thank you to the whole Veeam team who made that event possible, to all the folks who created and prepared the content, and to the R&D team for their honest and open answers. Prague was a blast, it was great to meet the new and renewed Vanguards, to learn new things and to exchange knowledge with others. But we also had a good time when it was not about technology but about socializing.

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