VMware VMworld EMEA 2016 – Day 0 – Travel to Spain

VMworld Today i traveled to Barcelona, Spain, to attend one of the biggest IT tech events on the world. I’ll attend VMware VMworld this week, the little sister of VMworld in Las Vegas.

The travel itself was nice and comfortable. Having a nice view out of the train windows and a good coffee at the SWISS Business Lounge before flight was great. It was my first visit in the Business Lounge. I don’t flight often, but when i do, for short trips, i’ll book business class. The tickets aren’t that expensive as you might think. But you’ve got some good benefits, as extra hand luggage, more leg room, the Business Lounge and some other things. Think about it the next time you’ll do a short trip.

I started my travel from Zurich Airport, one of the bigger hops in Europe. I was a little early, as always, and the gate information wasn’t available at this time. So i spent the time waiting for an update here in the nice Business Lounge with a coffee and my blog.

I don’t know what to expect from VMworld. It is my first visit ever of a VMworld. I will meet some people i only know from Twitter but not yet personally. I’ll try to attend some VMware Hands-On Labs (perhaps also some challenging ones). There will be tons of informations to literally soak up. Whats the next trend on cloud computing? What are the features of new vSphere and other VMware software solutions? I will also meet up with some guys of Veeam at their booth, having a good talk.

Sure there are some parties too. And as i heard they are legendary. The first one will start today evening. The famous #vRockstar party at the Hardrock Cafe is one of those. On Tuesday there will be the Veeam party and on Wednesday there is the VMware party directly at the event hall.

Oh, in case you missed it: VMware has now a strong partnership with Amazon Cloud Services, Amazon AWS. You can run your vSphere, VSAN and NSX directly in the Amazon Cloud, using your known management tools.

I hope to see some of you, my dear readers, at VMworld this year! Have a nice week!

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